WPCouple has gone viral one too many times, we have already started to see a lot of traction in the WordPress space. From Matt Mullenweg tweeting about WPCoupleย to 430+ commentsย at the largest WordPress giveaway inย history.

By sponsoring WPCouple you’re are helping Ahmad Awais continue his journey as an open source evangelist. Ahmad spent 50% of his productive time working on Free & Open Source Software (mostly related to WordPress) in 2016, and 30% before that in 2015. The sponsorship on this site goes directly to help him manage more time for WordPress & Open Source.

Sponsorship Packages

At the moment we offer following sponsorship packages.

#1. Sponsored Review

We post one review almost every other week.ย In this review, you will find aย detailed examination of your WordPress product along with screenshots and our findings. Needless to say, the review will be fair, unbiased and will be disclosed as a sponsored review.
Cost: $249.99 โ†’ย BUY NOW!

#2. Sponsored Review + Newsletter

The same sponsored review will be posted on the site as well as included in our newsletterย (22,000+ subscribers). The Click-through-rate is over 10% and Email-open-rate is over 40% for every single issue. This is by far the best wayย for a WordPress business to reach out to potentialย customers.
Cost: $599.99 โ†’ย BUY NOW!

#3. Sponsored Review + Code Review

You get the sponsored review (listed at #2) as well as you get Ahmad Awaisย to look at the code of your product. An extra pair of eyes from a regular core contributor can go a long way for you to build a better product while supporting Ahmad’s open source journey.

Cost: $999.99 โ†’ย BUY NOW!

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